Januari 07, 2017

IRA And 401(k) ALARM: Your Account Could Vanish Without This IRS Loophole

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IRS Loophole Converts Your IRA/401(k) to Physical Gold

Dear Retiree or Soon-to-be Retiree,

You've seen it advertised on TV, radio and the internet. Thousands of people a day are taking advantage of it.

What I'm talking about is the IRS loophole that allows anyone with a retirement account to roll it over into real, physical gold and silver.

I hear you asking yourself, "Why would I want to own gold in my retirement account"

That's a great question, and the answer is simple...

Protection. Insurance. Security.

Almost every retirement account in existence is tied directly to the dollar in one way or another. Whether your IRA/401(k) is invested in stocks, bonds or mutual funds, in the end, you're still invested in the dollar.

And what is the dollar really? Just a promise from the U.S. Government. A piece of paper that has no real value. If the government were to go bankrupt today, every dollar you have would be absolutely worthless. Can you imagine that? All the money that you've worked so hard for, becoming worthless overnight.

You know what's never been worthless? Gold. Gold has been a store of wealth, and a currency for more than 5000 years.

When you add physical gold to your IRA/401(k) you're protected from:

  • A stock market that becomes more volatile every day
  • Inflation and endless money printing
  • Thousands of hacking attempts on the banking system
  • National debt that has grown to over $19 Trillion
  • A government program created to control your retirement dollars (MyRA)

You have insurance for your car, your house and your life, but what about your retirement account?

Gold is that insurance.

I'm giving away this FREE GOLD IRA KIT that describes how this overlooked IRS loophole works, and how you can take advantage of it today.

But it won't last long!

That's why it's extremely important you request your
FREE GOLD IRA KIT immediately.

Request your FREE GOLD IRA KIT now.

Thank you for your time,

James Cordelaine

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