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The first of Tiger Woods' former mistresses to expose the string of affairs which led to his divorce has tweeted that she is five months pregnant.Rachel Uchitel posted pictures late Tuesday on the social networking site, showing her with new husband Matt Hahn, an insurance broker, touching her bump. She wrote "checking out my baby bump at 5 months..." and "expecting big things for 2012... Five down, Four months to go..."The couple had a small wedding in Las Vegas in October and an insider told Life & Style at the time that Uchitel was pregnant and the pair planned to have a bigger wedding after the baby arrives.This is the first time Uchitel herself has confirmed the news.The pair met in November 2010 and lived together in New York for several months before moving to San Francisco shortly before the wedding.Uchitel, 36, became a household name after she became the first of Woods' alleged mistresses to expose his infidelity, leading to a string of revelations i

strong supporter of traditional marriage," Schlafly said in a long statement to reporters.Bachmann is trying to follow in Santorum's footsteps, hitting all 99 counties in one week, an ambitious goal. Starting in Council Bluffs on the state's western edge on Tuesday, Bachmann will hit gas stations and diners. By nightfall, she was slated to have visited another 10 counties.Out on the trail Tuesday, Perry againargued that a vote for him is a vote for a Washington outsider. Taking a dig at Paul, he said voters don't have to pick a candidate who would allow Iran to wipe Israel off the earth."You don't have to stand for that," he said. "I have all the respect in the world for the frontrunners," he added, asking if voters replace a Democratic insider with a Republican insider, will Washington change.With the three conservative candidates making their late play to win over Iowa's base voters, they are joined by Romney and Gingrich on bus tours around the state while

ores of oil deals, mostly with mid-sized companies. Baghdad considers all of these deals illegal and has blacklisted the companies involved.The Kurds and Exxon Mobil appear to be betting the Baghdad government will be forced to acquiesce.They "are now in a position where they could essentially force Baghdad to accept the status quo and the two separate regulatory systems that exist in the country," said Riani.

he man whose at the back of the polling pack -- despite recent buzz giving him a late boost -- is taking nothing for granted but has nothing to lose."My feeling is when you're sitting last, if you can do better than that, that's good," he told Fox News.Santorum said he's got 1,000 caucus representatives in a contest with about 1,700 caucus locations. He acknowledges that means no official representative to make his case at each of the locations, but at "almost all of them, and no other campaign is going to have someone there who's going to get up and speak on our behalf."Santorum, who claims organization and message will make the difference, is also banking on a divide and conquer strategy."There's really three primaries going on here," Santorum said. "Ron Paul has his own primary, the libertarian primary. And (Newt) Gingrich and (Mitt) Romney are sort of the establishment primary. And I think there are three who are vying for the conservative mantle to go up

against the Gingrich-Romney duo. And I think that I'm going to be the one coming out Iowa with that mantle."And if we can do that, then we're off to the races here, and conservatives around the country, just like they're doing here in Iowa, are going to start rallying around our campaign," he said.Santorum isn't the only one making a last-ditch effort around the state to appeal to social conservatives. Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann are likely Santorum's most competitive among the social conservative crowd. And both are working vigorously to get supporters to show up at the caucuses next Tuesday night. Bachmann also won a coveted show of support from Phyllis Schlafly, founder of the conservative Eagle Forum, who on Tuesday said Bachmann "has the courage to be a leader among her peers.""She is a real champion in speaking up for values we care about. Michele is a woman of faith and the mother of a beautiful family. She has a 100 percent pro-life record and is a

APDec. 27, 2011: Samira Ibrahim, 25, flashes the victory sign during a rally supporting women's rights in Cairo, Egypt. An Egyptian court has ordered the country's military rulers to stop the use of "virginity tests" on female detainees, a practice that has caused an uproar among activists and rights. Ibrahim filed a lawsuit after being subjected to a forced 'test."CAIRO An Egyptian court on Tuesday ordered the country's military rulers to stop the use of "virginity tests" on female detainees, in a rare condemnation by a civilian tribunal of a military practice that has caused an uproar among activists and rights groups.The virginity test allegations first surfaced after a March 9 rally in Cairo's Tahrir Square that turned violent when men in plainclothes attacked protesters, and the army cleared the square by force. The rights group Human Rights Watch said seven women were subjected to the tests.The ban came a week after public outrage over scenes of soldier

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NEW YORK A U.S. congressman from New York says three security contractors, including two Americans, have been released by Iraqi Army forces after they were held for more than two weeks.Republican Peter King announced the releases of the men Tuesday. He identifies them as an Army veteran from Long Island, a former National Guardsman from Savannah,Ga., and a man from Fiji. He says they were working for a security firm when Iraqi Ministry of Defense officials rejected paperwork prepared on their behalf by the IraqiMinistry of Interior and held them Dec. 9.The men weren't charged with any crimes. King says they were released Tuesday after efforts by his office, the State Department, the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, the DefenseDepartment and the White House.

on and Beyonce. In tabloid land it is always better to report it wrong than report it last.The thing that I always joke about with these pregnancy stories is that eventually it will almost always be right. It just may be 20 months later, says the founder and editor of tabloid policing site, Michael Lewittes.So who were the most oft pregnant, not pregnant stars of 2011?Jennifer AnistonIn October Star magazine told us that Jennifer Aniston was secretly married to beau Justin Theroux and that the pair wed in a secret ceremony because the actress waspregnant! This came just a couple of weeks after Aniston herself told the Hollywood Foreign Press, No, were not pregnant. Its just I quit smoking, so Ive gained a couple of pounds.From October until December Aniston, who is partial to tight dresses, showed no sign of a baby bump, but Star refused to give up the vicarious pregnancy narrative and as recently as December 14th the mag told us that Aniston wa

ts during their stay.Willis's DJing turn did not get quite as high marks as her mother's moves, a spy said.Friend FOX411 on Facebook.Ironically, Moore and Kutcher headed to Parrot Cay just last month for a romantic getaway, to try and repair their marriage and celebrate Moore's 49th birthday, after Kutcher was caught cheating with Sara Leal, 22.But shortly after their tropical escape, Moore announced she would file for divorce. Moore and Kutcher often vacationed on the island at the private residence of Moore's ex, Bruce Willis.Other celebrities in Parrot Cay for the holidays included Charlize Theron, with her mother, and "Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol" producer J.J. Abrams and his wife, Katie McGrath.Reps for Moore could not be reached. A rep for Parrot Cay declined to comment.Is Demi Moore Aging Backwards?Don't call her a cougar!

Former Disney star Demi Lovato. Demi Lovato attacked the Disney Channel on Twitter last week for mocking eating disorders and using increasingly smaller stars in their shows that cater to tweens. The network was quick to offer an apology, but experts say Lovato opened the Pandoras Box about the dangerous effects television shows can have on the negative body image of young women.The producers and writers should have known that a comment like this is ridiculous to be said on air by a character on any program targeted at teens, nutritionist Rania Batayneh tells beef was with a joke made about eating disorders on the show Shake it Up. One of the shows characters joked: "I could just eat you up, well, if I ate.""It is not a notable character trait to not eat,'" Batayneh said. "We have seen time and time again Disney actresses who struggle with their weight who are a bit obsessed as adults with their physique or just lose control all together and

role in Iran's foreign or military policy.On Monday, the Iranian navy warned off a foreign helicopter that had approached the site of a 10-day naval drill it is currently conducting in international waters beyond the Strait of Hormuz at the mouth of the Persian Gulf.A spokesman for the drill, Rear Adm. Mahmoud Mousavi, tells state TV the helicopter left the area immediately after the warning Sunday. He gives no other details.Irans navy began the 10-day drill on Saturday, and regularly holds war games. The country has also been active in fighting piracy in the Gulf of Aden.The Associated Press contributed to this report.

The United Nations and the Iraqi government have announced that they have signed an agreement about what to do with 3,400 Iranian exiles who have been left stateless and under siege at a refugee camp in Iraq.But residents of Camp Ashraf say they fear for their lives, even though the Iraqis reportedly agreed to resettle these 3,400 Iranian exiles at Camp Liberty, the former U.S. military base near Baghdad, before helping them leave Iraq. The group is still waiting to view the signed agreement."The Secretary General's Special Representative has underscored that in any event, this is a voluntary and not a forcible relocation," said Shahin Gobadi of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, the group's representative in Paris. "Ashraf residents had repeatedly emphasized that they would in no way accept forcible relocation."The State Department welcomed the announcement."We are encouraged by the Iraqi government's willingness to commit to this plan," Secretary of S

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Commission, said Yoo Ho-yeol, a professor at Korea University in South Korea.Kim Jong Il's two other sons, Kim Jong Nam and Kim Jong Chol, were not spotted at the procession.

Phase 4 FilmsDemi Moore looked like she was back in action during a mother-daughter Christmas vacation in the Turks and Caicos Islands.Though the actress has kept a very low profile since her split with estranged husband Ashton Kutcher, she seemed to shake off any malaise from her impending divorce with some holiday booty-shakin' in the Caribbean.The "Margin Call" star and svelte mother of three, 49, was spotted with her daughter, Rumer Willis, at the uber-private Parrot Cay resort, where the two shared a rocking Christmas Eve at a poolside bar and Moore "danced up a storm."Spies said that when Rumer took over DJing duties, Moore began to boogie.Follow FOX411 on Twitter."Demi was dancing seductively for all the guys [at the bar] and they were going nuts," one spy said. Another added, "Demi could do 'The Wiggles' dance and still look hot."The slinky moves even earned the raven-haired beauty the nickname "Single Hot Demi" or, simply, "SHD," from other hotel gues

sive primary in the state, which will provide an opportunity for Democrats to remain competitive."A two-term governor before winning a Senate seat, Nelson has recently expressed dismay about a divided Congress' inability to pass meaningful legislation, frustration that echoed in his statement Tuesday."I encourage those who will follow in my footsteps to look for common ground and to work together in bipartisan ways to do what's best for the country, not just one political party," he said.Even as Nelson wavered about a re-election bid, he piled up campaign cash, hired a campaign manager and watched his party spend more than $1 million on ads supporting him. The preparation left him with more than $3 million in campaign cash on hand last month, about twice his nearest competitor.Nelson first was elected to the Senate in 2000, defeating Republican contender Stenberg to replace the retired Kerrey, and positioned himself as a centrist supporting both Democratic and R

up in the past months remain in jail.The Arab observers kicked off their one month mission in the violence-wracked country with a visit on Tuesday to Homs -- the first time Syria has allowed outside monitors to the city at the heart of the anti-government uprising.A local official in Homs told The Associated Press that four observers were in the city on Wednesday as well, touring various districts. He declined to give his details and spoke on condition of anonymity for security reasons.Syrian TV said observers toured several trouble spots in Homs including the neighborhoods of Bab Sbaa, Baba Amr, Inshaat and al-Muhajireen, adding they met with residents there.Homs residents said anti-government protesters were preparing for a second day of demonstrations, despite a massive security presence in the city."I can see riot police with shields and batons on main streets and intersections, they are everywhere," said one resident, speaking over the phone. He declined t

research, mainly through the National Institutes of Health. It was not considered particularly controversial. But things changed during the congressional health care debate, after former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin made the claim, now widely debunked, that Obama and the Democrats were setting up "death panels" to ration care.As a result, lawmakers hedged the new institute with caveats. It was set up as an independent nonprofit organization, with a .org Internet address instead of .gov. The government cannot dictate Selby's research agenda. And there are limitations on how the Health and Human Services department can use the research findings in decisions that affect Medicare and Medicaid.Selby says the institute is taking seriously the term "patient-centered" in its name. Patients will not be merely subjects of research; they and their representatives will be involved in setting the agenda and overseeing the process."We are talking about patients

forced out by the blaze's intensity."Not for (not) trying, that's for sure," Conte said.There was somebody else trying to save the girls, too their grandfather, Lomer Johnson. One of the girls, found dead just inside a window, had been placed on a pile of books, apparently so he could reach in and grab her after he jumped out.Instead, authorities say, Johnson fell through the roof outside the window and was found dead in the rear of the house.He and his wife, Pauline, both of Southbury, had been visiting their daughter for the holidays. The grandmother also died in the fire along with 10-year-old Lily and 7-year-old twins Grace and Sarah.One girl was found dead on the third floor, and the body of another was found with the grandmother's at the bottom of the stairs leading to the third floor.Thomas Olshanski, a spokesman for the U.S. Fire Administration, the lead federal agency for fire data collection and public fire education, said the firefighters who were

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The Obama administration will ask Congress to raise the nation's borrowing limit by $1.2 trillion this week, marking the third and final increase from a deal negotiated over summer.Treasury officials say the increase will boost the nation's borrowing limit to $16.4 trillion. Treasury officials say the increase is necessary because the nation will be within $100 billion of the current limit by Friday.In August, Congress and the administration agreed to raise the borrowing limit by $2.1 trillion in three steps. The parties also agreed to cut more than $2 trillion from the deficit over the next 10 years.Congress can reject the increase, though Obama can then veto their objection. If Congress doesn't act by Jan. 14, the increase will take place automatically.

unseemly and premature, some say."It's going to be a bit awkward to be celebrating too much, given how much there is going on and how much there will be going on in Afghanistan," said Don Mrozek, a military history professor at Kansas State University.Two New York City councilmen, Republicans Vincent Ignizio and James Oddo, have called for a ticker-tape parade down the stretch of Broadway known as the Canyon of Heroes. A similar celebration after the Gulf War was paid for with more than $5.2 million in private donations, a model the councilmen would like to follow.Mayor Michael Bloomberg said last week that he was open to the idea but added, "It's a federal thing that we really don't want to do without talking to Washington, and we'll be doing that."A spokesman for the mayor declined to elaborate on the city's reasons for consulting with Washington. Ignizio said he had been told by the mayor's office that Pentagon officials were concerned that a celebration c

re courts.Rights groups have said some officers have explained the tests as a way to clear their names of possible charges of abuse by the protesters. Women protesters said they were threatened with prostitution charges before they were subjected to the tests.Hossam Bahgat, a human rights activist who was involved in the case, said the court ruling restores some justice to the abused women and is a first step toward holding military officials accountable."It is also very symbolically important because it is a crack in the wall of impunity the (military rulers) have built around their personnel and their conduct" against protesters and women in particular, he said.He said the lawyers will try to upgrade the charges against the army doctor to sexual assault instead of the current indecent act.Ibrahim, who covers her hair in the style of conservative Muslims, told a private TV station Monday that she filed the suits because she wanted to spare others what she wen

though analysts say Kim Yong Un is on the path toward cementing his power and all moves in North Korea so far -- from titles giving him power over the ruling party and military and his leading position in the funeral procession, his age and inexperience leave questions about Kim's long-term prospects. Whereas his father was groomed for power for 20 years before taking over, the younger Kim has had fewer than two years.He also faces the huge challenges of running a country that struggles to feed its people even as it pursues a nuclear weapons program that has earned it international sanctions and condemndation.Kim Jong Il -- who led with absolute rule after his father Kim Il Sung's death in 1994, through a famine that killed hundreds of thousands and the controversial buildup of North Korea's nuclear and missile programs -- died of a heart attack Dec. 17 at age 69.Mourners in parkas lined the streets of Pyongyang, waving, stamping and crying as the convoy beari

ores of oil deals, mostly with mid-sized companies. Baghdad considers all of these deals illegal and has blacklisted the companies involved.The Kurds and Exxon Mobil appear to be betting the Baghdad government will be forced to acquiesce.They "are now in a position where they could essentially force Baghdad to accept the status quo and the two separate regulatory systems that exist in the country," said Riani.

influence on the outcome."In other words, if the State Department leaves the MEK and residents of Camp Ashraf on its terror list, even if the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees wants to help them emigrate, no Western countries or the United States will take them.Dec. 9, 2011: In this photo provided by the People's Mujahedeen Organization of Iran, Iraqi police stand guard outside the opposition group's camp northeast of Baghdad, Iraq.

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Stapel, a media darling whose name frequented the New York Times, may have faked data in at least 30 papers, according to a report from Stapel's university, Tilburg University in the Netherlands. Stapel has since been suspended from Tilburg pending further investigation.The objective reader must now question other pet theories from Stapel. These include his "findings" that beauty-advertising works because it makes women feel worse about themselves, and that conservative politics leads to hypocrisy.#1: Chronic fatigue syndrome is caused by a virus.Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a disorder of unknown origin. Some researchers, in fact, consider this a psychological disorder largely confined to wealthier countries, affecting women more than men.Then came a study published in Science in October 2009 by researchers from the Whittemore Peterson Institute in Reno, Nevada. The researchers associated CFS with something called xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related vir

ion, Borcina was registered for a brief time more than 10 years ago, but neither Borcina nor his company are currently registered to perform home improvement work in Connecticut.Property records show Badger bought the five-bedroom Victorian home for $1.7 million last year. The house was situated in Shippan Point, a wealthy neighborhood that juts into Long Island Sound.Most of the second floor was being renovated, and Badger was awaiting a final inspection, said Ernie Ogera, director of operations for the city of Stamford.According to the city's zoning ordinances, he said, the family should have been living only in the unrenovated sections of the house. Investigators do not yet know whether anyone was staying in renovated sections that had not been approved.City building inspectors last examined the work in July and did not find any problems, he said.There were plans for hard-wired smoke alarms, but they had not been hooked up, Ogera said. Officials did not know

s dragging women protesters by the hair, stomping on them and stripping one half-naked in the street during a fierce crackdown on activists."This is a case for all the women of Egypt, not only mine," said Samira Ibrahim, 25, who was arrested and then spoke out about her treatment.Ibrahim filed two suits against the practice, one demanding it be banned and another accusing an officer of sexual assault. She was the only one to complain publicly about a practice that can bring shame upon the victim in a conservative society.A small group of women gathered outside the court building, holding banners. One said, "Women of Egypt are a red line."The three-judge panel said in its ruling that the virginity tests were "a violation of women's rights and an aggression against their dignity."The ruling also said a member of the ruling military council admitted to Amnesty International in June that the practice was carried out on female detainees in March to protect the army

made a mistake rushing into getting married," and added that her husband, who she called a "wonderful man" who she loved very much, had been "terribly unhappy.""I have therefore ended the marriage," she said. "I think he is too nice to do so. And too nice to trap."She confirmed that the marriage lasted 16 days and they only lived together for seven of those days until Christmas Eve."Meanwhile I intend to get on with being fully me," she continued. "With never an apology for ANY part if being FULLY ME. No matter what. I am a 21st century full woman and proud of living it. Please pray for my lovely husband to be ok and do not worry about me as I have had plenty of practice in these matters."The singer divorced third husband Steve Cooney earlier this year.After their split, O'Connor took to her blog to vent her sexual frustrations and appeal for a new lover.She was previously married to music producer John Reynolds and journalist Nicholas Sommerlad and has four

Friends of Alexis Marron, 18, have created a "Red in Remembrance" Facebook page in his honor.Relatives and friends of a suburban Chicago teenager who officials say was killed over the holiday weekend in Mexico held a memorial in his honor on Tuesday.Prosecutors in Mexico's Michoacan state said Tuesday that a burned car holding the remains of three young men was found on a roadside on Christmas Eve. An employee of the prosecutors' office who wasn't authorized to be quoted by name says one teen has been identified as 18-year-old Alexis Marron.The 18-year-old's body was found in the trunk of a burned out car in a small town about 80 miles southeast of Guadalajara on Christmas Eve. Mexican authorities said Marron and two friends were burned alive in an area that's plagued by a gang turf war."It was really sad. Everybody is depressed. We just can't get over it -- a terrible, terrible death," said friend Juan Mestizo.Marron had worked all summer to afford the trip t

iStockBad science papers can have lasting effects. Consider the 1998 paper in the journal the Lancet that linked autism to the MMR vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella. That paper was fully retracted in 2010 upon evidence that senior author Andrew Wakefield had manipulated data and breached several proper ethical codes of conduct.Nevertheless the erroneous paper continues to undermine public confidence in vaccines. After the Lancet article, MMR vaccination rates dipped sharply and haven't fully rebounded. This decline in the MMR vaccine has been tied to a rise in measles cases resulting in permanent injury and death.Each year hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific articles are retracted. Most involve no blatant malfeasance; the authors themselves often detect errors and retract the paper. Some retractions, however, as documented on the blog Retraction Watch, entail plagiarism, false authorship or cooked data.No journal is safe from retractions, from the mighty "