Agustus 29, 2014

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and spinach pan scramble. The eggs were a little dry and under-seasoned, but the chicken apple sausage was fantastic. I also had the intelligentsia french press coffee and it was incredibly strong. If you like really strong coffee, then give it a try; otherwise, go for just the regular blend! Founding Farmers is a DC classic. I've been multiple times and am always impressed. Make sure to make a reservation well in advance, and when you arrive for your reservation, be prepared to wait. They don't always have a table ready, especially at busy times, and I've had to wait upwards of twenty minutes past my reservation time to be seated. So this may not be the best place to come if you have a commitment immediately after. I did once make a reservation here for a work event though, and it seems that they are better at honoring the time if it is a work reservation. But the food makes it all worth it. The Skillet Corn Bread is incredible. The Honey Butter it comes with is perfectly sweet and rich. The Corn Bread is hearty and warm, crisp on the outside with bits of corn inside. It has a subtle sweetness that is highlighted by the butter and makes for an unforgettable starter that you will still be thinking about days (and weeks... and months...) later. The Butternut Squash Mascarpone Ravioli is delectable. The pasta is made fresh in-house (like all of their food), and it perfectly chewy and

go and try when it has to do with service, and fortunately the second time I went, the waitress was much better! I had very high expectations for breakfast here after hearing my friends rave about it constantly; and, after trying it myself, I was a little underwhelmed. The food was still quite good; just not at the caliber I had expected...My main criticism is for the stuffed french toast with maple cinnamon syrup. I am a sucker for good french toast and although the dish tasted great and had a lovely presentation, it was way, way too decadent. When it said "stuffed" french toast, I envisioned only a small amount of filling throughout each piece of toast; on the contrary, each slice was overstuffed with vanilla pastry cream. Don't get me wrong, the cream still tasted good but it completely overpowered the dish. The toast itself had great flavor but it was marginalized by the abundance of cream. It felt much more like a dessert than a breakfast option! I think this dish could be greatly improved by including less cream in each slice so as to let the actual toast be the highlight as opposed to the pastry cream. Beyond that, I also tasted the sausage, mushroom