November 01, 2014

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Did you know burial: 'coverage' is available.. ?

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Did you know burial: 'coverage' is available.. ?
Did you know burial:


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regarding her allergies and even provided a menu with the ones that my friend could enjoy. You can tell when people are excited to work where they work. So being a table of four girls, we tried tons of dishes. I think that's the way to go but if you have only two, I suggest ordering 2-3 dishes so you can try a bunch of things. The dishes that stood out were the crispy pigface (salty, crispy, delicious!), the green beans, the mushroom (they were very savory and rich) and the pork shank that came with kimchi butternut. I cannot say it was kimchi, but it was the perfect accompaniment for the rich dense, savory pork shank with fresh crispy Indian bread-naan. Oh yeah, I also loved the goat confit. I know the girls were squeamish about trying goat but you cannot go to Girl & the Goat and not try a namesake protein. It was so good! The drinks were spot on too, they had a great selection of wines and cocktails. Being a glutton, I had one of both and tried the Goat red wine. What can I had nice balance and freshness that helped the meal. Yes, it's loud. Yes, it's crowded. Just go there an experience for yourself. You will enjoy it if you give into the experience. Let me start off: I made reservations in January for myself and 4 friends for a 6:45 dinner on a week night. Two months later we were FINALLY able to enjoy great food and drinks. We were seated in a cozy round table right next to the door overlooking the street. I was a bit apprehensive at first as I thought it would be chilly but of course Girl and the Goat did not disappoint we were cozy the entire meal. Our waitress encouraged us to order 10-12 dishes to share...we ended up ordering 10 with each of us picking too. My favorite hands down: ham frites, escargot ravioli and the crisp braised pork shank. All the dishes were full of flavor and unique. Then were dessert we ordered 3 dishes. I loved the bittersweet chocolate dessert. We even saw Stephanie Izard in the back making sure everything was running smooth...very cool to see the action live! Even though the bill was definitely on the pricier side I think a splurge once in a while is definitely worth it. I will be back this summer to try even more amazing dishes. I went to GATG last night with my husband and

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Exciting 'legal' breakthrough in cannabis oil..


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